Ecology and Archaeology of the Domain

Today was the second day of the camp, and at this point I already knew all of the people in it. I woke up at 6:30 am, ate breakfast and got ready for the first activity of the day. The first activity was a hike through different ecosystems around the domain. We got to see many species of plants, which led to the understanding of succession and plant productivity. It was a very long hike and at some points you just wanted to stop and take a rest. But at the end, you finish on top of a plateau with one of the most incredible views you can imagine. Totally worth it. The second activity of the day was even more interesting. Our section was divided in different groups to work with the archaeology department. Each group was assigned a piece of land to excavate and record all of the materials that you could find. In my group we found many different nails, each one indicating a different time period. With this information we can understand the history of the place and the time when different houses were build in a certain area.

Once we finished the activity we basically had a lot of free time. In this free time you can do different things, like going to the gym, swimming, playing sports etc.

For me the highlight of the day was the awesome view at the end of the hike. I never expected to see something that beautiful. All of the effort you need to do to finish the hike is totally worth it.

After all, I am really enjoying this camp, and the activities that we do during the day are very interesting and exiting.

Written by: Vasco Chavez-Molina

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