From Shakerag to the Cross

    Day two turned out to be adventure-filled with an early morning hike and an archaeological dig between two sorority houses. We hiked through Shake Rag Hollow, discovering lots of interesting plants and animals, including a couple of rare plastic salamanders along the way! After finishing the hike, feeling both sweaty and proud of our accomplishment, we discovered the three hour trek had in fact only been…three miles. After the marvelous midday McClurg meal, many of us headed over to the sorority houses. It’s not every day you get to dig holes in someone’s front yard, so the archaeological dig was a new experience for many campers. Led by some awesome college students, we were overjoyed to find a collection of old nails and chart pieces. One group was even lucky enough to dig up a cicada friend.
    Break came and a small group of students decided to head to the Fowler Center to swim, only to discover the pool had closed. The sobbing, sorry SEI students sulked back to the dorms but were greeted by our heroic counselors who willingly drove us to Lake Cheston. After a quick dip and a game of Frisbee, the students headed back to Hoffman Hall. On the way, they witnessed a dramatic bike crash, surprisingly not by Gerardo this time! (No worries, the biker was okay). After bellies were filled, we picked up a few necessities at CVS, including essential Fourth of July gear. Still in the mood for more food, the gang headed to Sonic where there was nothing but ice cream and smiles. Trying to catch the sunset, we rushed over to the Cross and enjoyed the final moments of the day. Complete with a somewhat dangerous game of Red Rover and the movie Castaway back at the dorms, our day ended. Our first FroTuesday at Sewanee couldn’t have been any better!
Written by: Bennie Smith, Melanie Baker, Elena Lenader
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