The Life of Pie and Hunger Games

We heard from a distance, the call to duty. “There is still room at the table.” Maddie dashed up, a smile on her chipmunk cheeks. Poor McKayla was dragged to her doom. Next came Vinny against his will, people pushing him from behind. And then the final competitor joined Fivecoat.     The voices in Vinny’s head screamed at him, demanding he back-down while he still had a chance but his heart and stomach yelled no. Maddie smiled blankly, in the zone. Sorrel simply laughed. The executors cackled, “Ready,” Vinny’s heart stopped, “Set,” Sorrel looked wildly for help, “Go” and smack. Face in Pie. Madison took the bulldozer approach, while Vinny nibbled delicately, McKayla ate like consumption goddess, and Sorrel snotted apple out of her nose. All of the sudden, McKayla’s first pie was gone. Maddie’s followed. It. Was. On. Maddie surged ahead, Sorrel gave up, while Vinny took small pieces,  McKayla watched Maddie in all. A pie and a half in, Maddie looked up to the sky “God, why did you lead me to the poison apples?!?!” And gagged. But she charged on. An assistant came, and placed a napkin to her nose so she could blow the apple out. The contestants were being strangled by the copious amounts of pie filling up their noses. Finally the countdown began, “10, 9, 8” Vinny slammed his head into the pie in defeat, “7, 5, 6” Sorrel laughed, “5,4” McKayla licked the pie. “3,2” Maddie slurped up the third pie, “1.” And she does it, pulling out a third place prize and glory. The odds were in her favor.

Written by: Vincent Catino and Maddie Tallant

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