A rainy 4th of July

What’s better than fireworks, pie eating contests, and free food? How about all of that… in addition to a forecast of 100% chance of rain? Well that’s what we got this 4th of July, and we sure didn’t let a little perspiration from Mother Nature interrupt the celebration of the birth of our nation! To start this spirited celebration off us campers headed to McLerg for breakfast. On our arrival to the dining hall we were serenaded with patriotic music from a charming local band. After the meal a group of us headed to downtown Sewanee where local artists and food vendors awaited the arrival of the many campers with pockets full of parent’s spending money. While spending money is refreshing nothing beats stuffing your face full of apple pie, and that’s what some of us campers did (you can read more from the victims themselves in the previous blog). Following the pie eating contest we enjoyed watching a parade come down University Avenue. Dancers, local celebrities, and sports teams greeted us, riding in their soggy chariots. To conclude the day, how can you enjoy honoring America without sulpher, charcoal, and nitrate illuminating the sky! Sadly the fireworks only lasted a few minutes, while we arrived to the view point only to see one last explosion fading in the distance. Thinking back to 1776, I am proud to celebrate this holiday where so many soldiers sacrificed their lives to create this great nation, where we can watch that last firework fade back into the night sky.

Written by: Isabel Newsome

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