Bloggin’ like a Beast

Dr. Smith warned us that once we continued on our path we would soon notice a major change in scenery, sure enough he was right. As we emerged through the shrubbery the burnt trees invaded our vision; one not knowledgeable of the purpose of this happening would assume that an accidental fire had caused destruction. It may sound ironic, however, that some Sewanee students actually set the fire to sustain new life! After careful planning, they chose an area to burn which would clear out the existing, overgrown undergrowth so the area could start afresh and eventually give rise to threatened trees.

Farming it up: Who would have thought a chubby lumpy pig could be the cutest creature to ever exist? I mean they have these rough leather-like snouts and they make these obnoxious noises, but as watched them interact with one another our perceptions were soon altered; two pigs turning mud not because they are forced, but simply because they are doing what they enjoy, what makes them happy, causing no harm and by doing so they are actually helping make the lives of us humans easier, too. If one thinks about it, isn’t that what life’s about? Living our lives doing what makes and brings us inner contentment, while helping move the world further.

Evening swingin’: Me oh my! Cinnamon ice cream in a waffle cone and then jamming to blue grass music, what a night. Wagon Wheel is still playing over in my head, but who cares? Silly dancing to the rhythm was worth it and the energy that flowed with ever snap and clap of hands was exhilarating.

Memories, so many memories….

Chasing cows? Bad idea.

Written by: Sorrel Fivecoat, Kate Richardson, Richardson Irvine, and Bradley Keegan

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