The Perspective of the underground adventures of SEI from the tick in Marshall’s hair

6:45- My day began, a little greasy start, but it was okay because a fun day awaited!

7:00- My owner seemed to be gulping down ginormous portions of breakfast foods while I enjoyed the view of the beautiful cafeteria

8:30- A group of tasty individuals seem to group together and be split up for the rest of the day.

9:00- AHHHH the hike begun, I had my personal chauffer that gave me the best view of the walk.

9:45- Then the funniest thing happened, people just started slipping all over the mud! People where screaming and could not get their mind around that the mud was slippery. On the walk many of my friends stopped by and I now have some friends in Marshalls hair. He has a nice tasty head.

10:00- We had finally arrived! There was a scary part of the trail right before the group entered the cave where my ride walked on a narrow strip of slippery cave mud. At the cave entrance, the group had to maneuver around a pit that was like 100,000 feet deep (in tick feet of course)! Luckily, everyone made it safely into the cave, only to be confronted by another wider, but shallower hole!

10:10- The group encounters the first spider, a close family member! A sighting of a Cave Cricket, more of a distant relative, followed this closely.

10:15- The group came across a slimy, awkward giant that they called a “Cave Salamander.” It was pretty clumsy when it walked but it was orange-red speckled with black spots that were bigger than me!

10:45- One of my chauffer’s friends found what appeared to be a smaller, black version of the “Cave Salamander” they found earlier. They addressed this creature as a “Slimy Salamander.” While the group claimed it was a youngster, it was still many many times my size!

11:11- I made a tiny sized wish for my tic self that my host would make it through the tight cave. He made it a bumpy ride by getting on his hands and knees to squeeze through.

12:00- As my host ate his food, I devoured the blood from his head. Marshall is one tasty camper!

1:00- I’m not sure what happened, maybe one scratch too many, but I fell off my host head! I wonder what he did the rest of the day, but I know it was an exciting morning!

Written by: Ellen Potocsnak, Fiona Guo, and Marshall Weber

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