Res and Falls

Today Group B went to the reservoir again to identify plants with Nathan. He told us about the different evolutionary periods of plants. We learned about the different types of plants. After we learned about all of the local and invasive plants in the reservoir area, we gathered different types of plants and arranged them in chronological and evolutionary order. Once we had observed each other’s plants, we swam in the reservoir. Bennie and Vasco tried to show us how to flip off of the dock. We enjoyed the cool water on the especially hot day after a week of cool rain fall.

In the afternoon we met in Snowden to discuss geology. The professor took us to Bridal Veil Falls. He showed us several sink holes and geologic features of the area. We learned about the different types of weathering. He showed us the different effects that water has on the Sandstone and Limestone of the area. He shared his observations of recent changes in the landscape. While hiking we saw a copperhead, but luckily we safely avoided it. Although the downhill hike to the falls was nice, the hike back was strenuous and we were all extremely tired.

After free time and dinner, we met with professor Haskell. In a trail near campus, we discussed his new book The Forest Unseen. He enlightened us on his practice of returning to the same place in the forest every day to observe changes. He told us to apply this practice to our everyday life. We sat in the woods for about an hour while he talked and listened to the sounds. Occasionally he would point out an interesting species.

After the talk, we all headed back to the dorms to enjoy a movie together.

Written by: Emily Anderson and Samantha Hubbard

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